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89. Marble

The marble statue gleamed brightly and enticingly in the light. It drove eyes to its grandiose beauty, causing awe to every person who passed by. People would whisper and gasp at the life-like realism of its being, completely taken with its splendour.

But for those who did not know, would not realise that this beauty was stuck in time for all eternity.

Across the grand room of the museum, you would see the beautiful statue of a lizard man staring at this marble delicacy. It’s green immaculate jade self facing its partner.

Some say if you move either statue from the other’s sight, it would cost you dearly. And not just from bad luck. But karma would soon tell you to keep the statues facing each other.

As legend tells it, they were lovers.

The marble beauty, shaped of a young boy in a Chinese hanfu, was once hated by his very appearance. For he was strange: white skin, red eyes, white hair and extremely intelligent. This scared the locals of his village and branded him a demon and an outsider. Even his parents abandoned him, for the sake of their pride and reputation.

His only happiness in life was visiting a neighbouring temple that the monks owned. It had gardens galore, filled from side to side and in between with white and red roses. The boy felt at peace amongst the flowers.

However, a witch came to the temple, demanding the roses to be unearthed as her Master wished them to be planted in his magical garden. The monks of the temple, fearing nothing but not wanting any conflict, allowed the witch into the garden.

The boy, who was still tending to his treasured flowers, was still present when the witch appeared. His gentle soul darkened when his one happiness was being taken away harshly, before his very eyes. The boy demanded where his flowers were being transported to.

The witch looked over to the boy and smiled at him.

“My Master loves anything innocent.”

The boy looked startled at the witch for her admission. Knowing he had no one to call a friend, he asked if he could join her, as the flowers were his only joy in this depressed world.

The witch looked him over for a moment and smiled, nodding her head. The boy smiled; glad he could still be with his flowers and look after them, but he was curious as to whom this Master was.

If the man agreed to the boy’s demand.

The boy helped the witch carefully remove each rose bush from the temple’s grandiose gardens.

It took a few days, even with the monks help, to clear the garden of roses. The witch enchanted the roses to avoid death, the boy smiled knowingly. Glad the witch had thought about the health of the plants so that they were fine for travel.

The boy bid the monk’s fair well and the monks gave the boy a crimson red hanfu as a fair well present.

The boy followed the witch to her carriage and cart, after the boy had finally given the garden a once over.

It looked bare and boring, sad and depressing. The roses were the only thing that gave the garden colour and life, lightening up the temple’s drowning appearance. Brown soil curved with the paths which made the boy scowl in disgust. The flowers grew here?


It took a few days to reach a deserted wasteland, the boy almost panicked if the witch had not assured him. The boy was worried the witch had lied but she warned the boy that he should not be deceived by appearances as beauty is found within. The boy looked sceptical but decided to trust the witch for now.

The boy allowed his mind to wander in the meantime.

Who was this master?

Was he kind?

What was his garden like?

Was the witch telling the truth?

The boy’s attention came back as a soft whinny from the horse at the front of the carriage drew him out of his thoughts. They had entered a path into a mountain; the boy grew more worried the deeper they got into the darkness.

The witch chuckled beside him and assured him again, shaking her head all the while amused.

Suddenly, there was a burst of light. The boy gasped as a hidden temple surrounded by waterfalls came into the boy’s sight. The boy was in awe and mesmerised as he took in the beauty of it. He grinned appreciatively.

However, there stood a green reptilian creature atop the many steps that divided the gardens up towards the temple. The boy gasped but found that he was not afraid but enchanted by the creature. The witch smiled at the boy’s reaction and mentioned that this creature was the Master she spoke of.

The Master was not a good one, as the boy found out, but he knew that no harm would ever come to him.

The Master seemed besotted with him more than that of the roses he had demanded. The boy found himself feeling the same and soon the two became friends. Both looking over the gardens together but never leaving each other’s sides.

The Master, once a man, had confided to the boy of his past mistakes and how they cost him his freedom and doomed his appearance to that of a lizard creature.

The boy took excellent care to listen carefully and to not miss a single detail, before admitting that he did not care. The boy was more than happy that he found a friend that cared for him. The Master was ecstatic to learn that and the two remained together for many years.

Friendship turned into companionship.

Companionship turned into love.

And love was eternal to them.

However, the monks did not see this as love. They saw this as a kidnapping once they realised that the boy did not come back, and believed that the boy was being held against his will.

Word got out about the two, thanks to the monks and the two peaceful lovers were brutally murdered.

Before the lizard died, he uttered a curse to whoever had separated him from his love.

The curse was ignored, believed to be superstition. It was until livestock started dying, crops were growing, water turned dirty and bread instantly staled.

In order to appease the late lizard, they crafted beautiful statues in their honour to still his wrath. It seemed to have worked as food and water became edible and drinkable again.

Over the centuries, however, buyers and collectors treasured and wanted the statues. Many times were the statues separated, they all soon learned the need for both statues to be together at all times.

Jack smiled as he read the plaque in front of him where the statues stood at the front of the room.

“Do you think the curse stopped?” Jack asked his companion as he squeezed their hand.

“Well, I certainly feel no magic present. Perhaps they moved on...” Chase grinned at the boy.

“Or maybe they were reincarnated?” Jack smiled sweetly at his own lover, his own lizard man.

“Hm, I think I like that one better.” Chase pulled his lover close and pressed his lips against Jack’s softly.

“Never leave me Chase, don’t get bored of me...” Chase chuckled at the plea.

“Never, my precious rose.”

90. Dragon

Seeing Chase transform into his dragon form fascinated Jack when he first saw it. But, even if for just a moment, it terrified him when he forgot about how powerful and dangerous Chase truly was. Chase was majestic but deadly. On point but critical with each hit of his claws to his opponents. He was serious and treacherous when he was fighting his foes, not caring about them but only caring about how it always benefitted him.

Jack idolised Chase for these reasons and many more. Sadly, Chase arrogantly threw him away like a used cloth. This then comes full circle as to why Jack was thing of the warlord right now. He looked at the noose he had made in his hands, as it hung from the high rafters of his lab.

Jack knew he was a coward and clearly not what Chase wanted in an apprentice and partner, and clearly not in a sense where the two could even be friends.

He realised how stuck up and prideful the Warlord was. How he constantly looked down his nose at every opponent. How... evil Chase was. Jack realised he was a fool for even assuming that someone so great, powerful, pompous could even look upon someone so frail and new to it all like Jack. It depressed him beyond recognition. He gave up trying to get his parents attention a long time ago so he had tried his luck with Chase’s.

Poor Jack knew it was a long shot but he tried it anyway. It backfired, miserably.

Now Jack stood on the ladder, high enough so that he could knock it down and not reach the floor.

Tears raced down his cheeks as he remembered when he met Chase for the first time in his human form. How handsome and awesome he was in person. He was star-struck and wanted to be everything that Chase was...

But Jack was a fool.

A loser.

An idiot.

Done for.

Jack wrapped the noose around his neck and steeled his nerves. No one would miss him. They would talk about him, sure, but they would never be nice things. How smart he was, how creative he was... he horribly lonely he was...

Jack sighed shakily, not sure if he could go through with his suicide attempt. It terrified him. But it was what he wanted, to leave this world and be where he belonged... in the dirt.

“At least I can help the earth with my dead body... I’m better off dead.” Jack said quietly as he leant forward to step off the ladder. This was it.

“I wouldn’t do that, Spicer.”

“Wha-?” Jack jumped in shock but unfortunately lost his balance as he fell off the ladder it came crashing down to the floor with a clatter. Jack waited for the impact around his neck to start choking him and cut off his air supply. But it never came. Jack opened his eyes to find that Jack was in Chase’s arms, the noose hanging loosely around his neck like a necklace.

“You disappoint me, Spicer.” Jack glared at the Warlord and fidgeted to silently tell Chase to put him down.

“I already knew that. I disappoint everyone. I try but fuck up at every turn. I’m not used to opportunities, hence why I screw them up every time I realise I have one. But that doesn’t explain why you are here though. If I’m such an insect, a worm, a lowlife and a disappointment, Chase, why are you here? To laugh at me? To prod a little more hateful words into my being before you lose the chance to? Che you are just like-“


Jack stared wide eyed at the Warlord raised hand and felt the harsh sting in his left cheek. Chase struck him?

“I’m disappointed that you would gladly give up your own life!” Chase growled angrily, snarling a little.

“W-why do you care? Huh?! What would Chase the almighty Chinese Dragon Warlord gain from this very incident?!” Chase picked up Jack by his shirt, which caused Jack to yelp and whimper in fear, and slammed the genius into a nearby wall.

“I HAVE WAITED TOO DAMN LONG FOR YOU TO GROW UP TO ALLOW YOU TO TAKE YOUR OWN LIFE!” Chase unintentionally shifted into his dragon form, but it emphasized and accentuated his anger to the boy.

Jack gaped in shock, fear and confusion.

“YOUR COWARDICE MAKES ME SICK!” Chase continued to rant and rave at the boy, and Jack felt more tears begin to overflow his eyes.

“I know I’m a coward! I know that! Why do think I was trying to end my life?! I’m sick of being the loser and the coward!”

“Then change that!” Chase growled, but his tone turned softer.

“What did you mean by ‘you waited too damn long’?” Chase’s eyes softened and Chase let the boy on to his own feet.

“It hasn’t happened yet.” Chase said as he shirted back to human form and straighten his mane. Jack shook his head not understanding the Warlord and his cryptic answers.

“What do you mean?!” Chase looked at Jack with a look that startled Jack. A look of sadness, hurt and love.

“You care about me... why?” Chase looked away and then return his gaze to Jack with his usual glare.

“It hasn’t happened yet.” Chase reiterated through gritted teeth.

“Something like... Sands of Time kinda thing?” Chase nodded and sighed himself, rubbing his temples.

“But not in the way that you think.” Jack nodded, understanding but still confused as to what that meant.

“I’m put into the past somehow then... to when you were Xiaolin? Something happened to centuries ago but hasn’t happened to me yet... Chase you’re confusing me.” Jack shook his head at Chase unsure of what to do or say.

Chase walked up to the boy and placed a hand on his head that meant ‘stop asking, just calm down’.

“Bean happened, but I won’t say anything more. Until you ‘grow up’ Spicer, I want nothing to do with you. But I can’t have anything to do with you if you are dead.” Jack sniffed as more tears leaked from his eyes and sobs came from his mouth. Jack flat out bawled.

Chase cared.

He wasn’t allowed to explain himself as to why, but he cared about Jack. He cared enough to give Jack a reason to live. Even though Jack didn’t know what that reason was just yet. He would have to find out.

“Pro-promise-,“ Jack cleared his throat, “Promise me that you mean the truth? I won’t ask any more... I’ll ‘forget’-,“ Jack used air quotes, “this conversation until we have both caught up with each other... but promise me that you aren’t lying!” Chase closed his eyes at the plea as it was caught through sobs and sniffs.

“You have my word, on my honour.” Jack nodded and continued to bawl.

“Never let me catch you EVER trying to commit suicide again, or even begin to think any type of deathly thoughts unless it’s on someone else. Is that clear?” Jack nodded, wiping his eyes with the back of his glove knowing his eyes looked red and puffy, and also panda-like right now.

“Clean your face, you look ridiculous.” Chase said snootily, sounding like his normal self, as he walked away from Jack and into a portal to exit the lab.

Jack did as he was told and sighed at the new information that Chase had given him.

What happened in Chase’s past that will happen in his future, that would cause Chase to become so overprotective of him?

Guess he’ll just have to wait.

91. Demon

Jack awoke with a headache that could rival a mallet. He had to squint his eyes from the light as it was hurting his head too much. Jack knew yesterday was real as his eyes felt sore as well, from all his crying last night.

Who knew Chase actually cared about Jack and his well being. But it still stands without fail the reason behind it all was nowhere to be found.

Jack shook his head and climbed out of bed to look for some medication for his head.

Jack’s day started off well but couldn’t fathom the eerie feeling he felt in the back of his mind. There was no reason for it but it was there. It might be from the feeling of something that was going to happen as Chase said, but he tried to put it down to nerves.

Jack sighed as he got ready for the new day, unsure of what to do with himself for the moment. He had just finished brushing his teeth when his Wu finder went off.

Jack sighed whether or not to show up or not. But if he didn’t, Chase would never have had something that he clearly had... and was sharing it with Jack. But Jack was scared about finding out what that thing was but he had no choice... Jack picked up a few biscuits and put his coat on, running out the door with his helipack in hand.


Jack screamed as the showdown went off badly, Bean had struck him with the Sands of Time and Jack watched the world change around him.

The reason Jack screamed was because everything was different from when he used the Wu. In order to use the Sands of Time you had to hold it and call its name like every other Wu. But the Sands of Time was hit with the Eye of Dashi, therefore causing the Wu to act differently. Jack had the Reversing Mirror, so that might have been a bad idea too.

The swirling and whirling made Jack’s head spin, the colours formed in and out of Jack’s vision. This made him feel sick to his stomach. Everything became blurry and then suddenly clear.

Jack couldn’t open his eyes as he just emptied the contents of his stomach to the dirt floor.

After catching his breath Jack opened his eyes and saw he was by a temple. It looked like the Xiaolin Temple and so Jack believed he could get help there.

Grudgingly, he picked himself up but found he was too weak. Jack started to fall to the floor.

“Here, let me help you!”  A kind voice spoke, catching Jack before he hurt himself.

“Th-thanks, I don’t know what happened...?” Jack lifted his head and looked to his ‘tempory’ saviour, Jack’s eyes widened in shock.

“CHASE?” The handsome man looked at him with a smile, but he looked confused.

“I think you may have hit your head, I am not this Chase you speak of. My name is Weisheng.” The man smiled, “But you seem like you know what you are talking about. Am I Chase to you?”

Jack looked upset and took in Chase’s – erm – Weisheng’s clothing, this man is Chase, his Xiaolin self though. Jack sighed.

“Yes, but it’s complicated...” Weisheng smiled and picked up Jack bridal style, causing the goth to blush and shriek at the quick movement. But the sudden jerkiness caused his head to spin again.

“Ohh...” Jack groaned as he was sure he was going to pass out. Weisheng’s features turned determined.

“Let’s get you to the temple so we can get you healthy and we can discuss what is going on. Yes?”

Jack nodded and merely blacked out.


Upon awaking, Jack noticed he was feeling much better. He felt a hand stroke through his ruby locks and looked up to see... Dashi?

“How are you feeling? Weisheng had merely gone to train to pass the time. He will be back momentarily. I sense there is magic upon you but you are very much like a human- but you are coloured differently- are you a ghost of sorts?”

Jack smiled and sat up gingerly.

“I was born this way, I am human. It’s just... a defect in my...erm... how can I put it so you understand-“

“Your DNA?” Jack snapped his head to look at Dashi, who laughed at him. “Come now Spicer, I check up on my brother in the future many times. I know who you are and that you have been struck with a defect of the Sands of Time.” Jack sighed relieved that he was not alone. But looked at Dashi with confusion.

“Then what do I do?” Dashi smiled, knowing something that he wasn’t allowing Jack to catch onto.

“I check on Wei- Chase, with spells. As if I appear like a ghost to him. I know he is Heylin, much like you, but he needs you Jack. You just need to find out why, I have yet to make the Sands of Time but I have yet to make my first Wu, it might be a while until I make them.” Jack looked crestfallen.

“Don’t get so down, I’m sure it will not take me long. Why not use this time to get to know Chase. I have filled him in somewhat, but I cannot tell him his future-“

“-And I’m not allowed either as that can change the past and alter the future I came from...” Dashi nodded.

“Exactly, he knows now that he can trust you as you know him from the future but as Chase. He has stated that if you wish to call him that, you are welcome to. I have also stated to him that he mustn’t ask you about his future, or how you two know each other in the future. Please keep that in mind Jack?” Jack nodded, understanding completely how that could be bad.

“So get to know Chase here and now first, then when I do eventually go back to my time I just talk to Chase in the future? But I don’t get it... he hated me... or at least until... I tried to kill- er.. nevermind.” Jack silenced himself and looked away.

Dashi placed a hand on Jack’s shoulder and squeezed, trying to console the boy.

“You have been through a lot of stress, my boy. You were fighting inner demons and it wasn’t fair on you. But let Chase heal you somewhat, until you see him the way you used to.” Jack smiled and stood up with the help of Dashi and walked to the door way to the outside of the temple to the training grounds. Dashi disappeared for a moment to get a blanket to place on Jack’s shoulders, the Autumn weather around them finally reached Jack as he teeth chatter a little.

“Thanks.” Dashi smiled and left Jack to his business and returned to his mediation.

Jack looked out into the training yard to see Chase calmly moving from one Tai-Chi stance to another. Jack sat on the steps to avoid disturbing Chase until it was okay to.

But Jack’s movements were picked up instantly by Chase’s ears and he opened his eyes to find Jack awake and watching him.

“You’re awake! I’m so glad, how are you feeling?” Jack wanted to cringe at the joyful playfulness in Chase’s low voice. It was weird but comforting too. He was still Chase too.

“I’m fine, Cha- I mean, Weisheng. I just got caught up with the magic and whatnot that brought me here.” Chase grinned.

“You can call me Chase if it makes you more comfortable. I honestly don’t mind. I wonder why I changed my name...?” Jack chuckled, completely amused.

“I know why, and I realise how funny it is now.” Jack giggled. “Not that I don’t like it, it’s just ironic.” Jack said quickly fearing he may have offended the monk-prewarlord. Chase shook his head and shrugged.

“You are so laid back... it’s weird...” Jack muttered but Chase heard.

“I am? Why? Am I tense a lot then?” Jack made a face which showed his uncertainty.

“I’m not sure what of what I am allowed to tell you. Dashi said not to tell you about your future.” Chase nodded and sighed.

“No I understand, which is why am not asking you about how I progress-“

“You are brilliant! Amazing! Awesome! Too good to be true!” Jack grinned knowing that it could be taken as a compliment and as the truth. Chase blushed which was a first for him, to Jack at least.

“R-really? I always thought I wasn’t good enough.”

“Woah- wait- HOLD THE PHONE!” Chase looked at the boy, with a confused eyebrow raised.

“Hold the what?”

“You’re insecure?! But- You’re Chase Young! You are full of pride, confidence and wisdom! You are the most amazing fighter and the most intelligent man I’ve ever known! How in God’s name are you insecure?!” Jack yelled at the monk, not understanding what Chase was saying. Chase looked at Jack unbelievingly.

“Now I know you are making that up! Guan and Dashi are the Master monks here! I am nothing but a student and an apprentice. A fellow monk that is trying his damned hardest to do well, and failing! How could I ever be that great... I’m not good enough, I cannot do anything the way it meant to be.”

I disappoint everyone. I try but fuck up at every turn.

Jack blinked back at the memory that came forward. Chase was suicidal? Or felt like Jack did?

“But you are! So much better that Guan and Dashi- erm..” Jack stumbled over his words as he almost mentioned more than he should. Chase seemed to understand but looked up at Jack with chocolate eyes. Jack suddenly missed the glowing ember ones.

“You’ll be okay Chase. You are amazing. I’ve always believed in you. You’re my hero... my idol. I wish I was as good as you.” Chase looked shocked at that admission and smiled slowly. Gratitude filled the monk’s face and he walked over to Jack.

Jack stood up and walked closer to Chase to meet him half way.

“Say what do you do for fun around her- eek!” Chase pulled the boy into a hug, which Jack was not used to from people in general. Jack froze as he heard Chase whisper in his ear gently.

“Thank you, Jack. Your words mean so much to me, you have no idea. I needed that ego boost. Thank you.” Pulling away, Jack had to fight the blush that crawled up his neck to his cheeks and ears.

Chase chuckled, amused at the reaction.

“I get the feeling that I am more than just an idol and hero to you.” Chase teased causing Jack to stutter.

“Wha-? Pffft, what plain are you on? I d-don’t know what you are talking about!” Chase chuckled and left the teasing for now, changing the subject.

“You said something about fun?”


Jack spent the whole day with Chase, taking about the Chinese culture and how Jack loved to invent. Jack was careful to leave out that his machines were for evil and avoided talking about Chase Young of his future.

“I enjoy your company, Jack. Must you go home?” Jack smiled and rested his head on Chase shoulder, huddling against the monk for warmth. Chase seemed unfazed by the action.

“I understand what you mean. We... don’t exactly get on in the future. I never understood why.. maybe it might of been because I was thirteen when we first met. I acted like a star-struck idiot!” Jack laughed, Chase chuckled along with him.

“By star-struck, I assume you mean full of admiration?” Jack nodded.

“Sorry, I keep forgetting that we are both from different times. It’s hard to explain yourself to someone who may or may not understand.” Chase smirked, which Jack was thankful for. It reminded him of his Chase.

“It’s fine, it’s a first that I get called mentally impaired.” Jack spluttered at the response and jolted off of Chase shoulder.

“No! I didn’t mean-!” Jack was cut off by Chase’s heartfelt laughter. Jack glared but couldn’t hold it and began laughing too.

“I’m fooling you!” Chase said in between chuckles. Jack punched him in the shoulder.

“Not cool!” Chase feigned hurt rubbing his shoulder before smiling again. Jack rolled his eyes and heard footstep behind the two of them. They stood up abruptly, Chase protecting Jack by stepping in front of him. Jack looked over Chase’s shoulder but relaxed when he saw Dashi. Chase relaxed also.

“Brother?” Dashi smiled sadly, nodding to his brother and to Jack.

“I’m sorry but I have made the Sands of Time. But I’m not as cruel as to send you back now, Jack. You can go midday tomorrow. Jack nodded and smiled sadly too.

“Thank you Dashi. Even though our... ‘lifestyle’ differ between us.” Jack smirked which made Dashi chuckle.

“It’s the least I can do for my Brother. He doesn’t have many friends. I wanted him to have a proper goodbye.” Chase looked angry, which Jack felt guilty for... because he missed that face.

“What?! You are unbelievable! You knew you could do it and now that I have a new friend you take them away from me!? Is there anything you more you want to take from me? My pride? My honour?!” Jack’s eyes widened. Wow, this is familiar..

Dashi sighed, unsure of what to say. Jack placed his hand on Chase’s shoulder.

“I understand that you are upset Chase. But you forget, you see me again in the far future. But you also forget that I don’t belong here.” Dashi turned to leave.

“I will give you your space, good night.” Neither Chase nor Jack noticed Dashi leave or even speak as their eyes were solely on each other.

“You don’t understand, Jack.” Chase ran his hand through his black mane, pushing it back. Jack smiled and brought forward a lock of hair causing Chase to freeze a moment.

“Sorry, this is how I remember you.” Chase smiled, understanding. “And I do understand. I know the stories - er.. with what you told me briefly and what the legends told me about you - you feel like you are nothing compared to Guan and Dashi. But you have to keep trying, you can beat them. But I can’t tell you how or why. Only you can make that decision.” Jack sighed and placed his hand on Chase’s cheek which Chase leaned into, making Jack blush but no longer with embarrassment.

“You are amazing, Chase... Weisheng. Live up to your name before you change it. ‘Greatness is born’ within you. Don’t let the fire in you go out.” Jack smiled sweetly. Chase looked at Jack with such passion it almost scared.

“Forgive me, Jack-“ Chase pulled the teen close and covered his lips with his own. Jack squeaked but instantly melted in Chase’s passionate but gentle grasp.

Jack moaned quietly when Chase ran his tongue over Jack’s bottom lip, asking for entrance. Jack gladly gave it and Chase fully dominated the kiss, the monk running his hands up and down the goth’s back. Jack ran his hand over Chase’s shoulders and into his hair, scratching the monks scalp gently. Chase growled possessively and pulled Jack closer to him.

As Jack wanted to stay like this forever, he couldn’t otherwise the both of them would get too attached to leave each other’s sides. Jack pulled his lips away and smiled at Chase. Chase pressed his forehead to Jack in a silent gesture of love.

“I know, I don’t want to go either. But I have to, you’ll see me soon- er... well in time! Let’s make the most of tomorrow... just a warning though.. I’m not a morning person.” Jack laughed which cause Chase to laugh also.


Chase hugged the boy close and Jack squeezed the monk back, unsure if he wanted to leave this Chase behind. The future one hated him...

“Jack, I will never forget you. I will find you again, that is a promise. I won’t act like I know you until we both follow the same memories; I suppose that would make more sense.” Jack laughed at Chase’s awkwardness.

“I think that is how you acted to be honest... but we’ll see. I have to tell you something before I leave though.” Chase looked up at the teen and nodded. “It doesn’t mean much to you now, but you will understand when it happens.” Chase nodded again.

“Okay?” Jack placed his hand on Chase’s cheek like he did last night.

“Thank you for helping me with my inner demons.” Jack said as he pulled Chase into a hug and kissed the man on the cheek.

Dashi stepped forward.

“It’s time to go Jack.” Jack sniffed but smiled, elated to go back. Jack stepped back and wiped his eyes carefully.

“I’m ready.” Jack stated, full of determination and Dashi placed his hand on Jack’s shoulder.

“I’ll find you, Jack!” Jack smiled at Chase, knowing he will.

“I know you will.”


The scenery stopped changing and Jack and Dashi found themselves in Chase’s lair, the Chase that Jack remembered. The Warlord.

“I would say, ‘be good now’ or ‘behave yourself’ but we both know that’s not going to happen.” Dashi laughed and Jack laughed also.

“I will leave you to Chase now, take care of him for me. Even though I know he is more than capable, no matter which side. I am proud of him.” Jack smiled and nodded.

“If he’s let me of course.” Jack chuckled without humour. Dashi winked at him again knowing more than what he was letting on. Jack shook his head and bothered not to ask.

“Thanks again Dashi.” Jack shook the monk’s hand and once he had let go, the monk uttered the Wu’s name and vanished.

Jack let out a breath he was hiding and looked around the empty room. Chase was not present but there were a few cat’s watching him.

“Er... It’s a little hard to explain, but erm.. I need to talk to Chase if that’s okay with you? Erm, if he tells me to leave, I’ll walk out. I won’t bother you or him again.” He said to the approaching black panther who nodded and butted his head against Jack’s leg.

Jack chuckled nervously and walked to the staircase, sitting a on a step that was a few from the ground floor. He decided to wait patiently for the warlord to return from what he assumed was the showdown earlier.

Not a moments sooner, Jack lifted his gaze to see Chase walk in through the room and straight to him. Glaring at Jack as he approached.

“What do you want, Spicer, and why are you in my home?” Jack smiled at him which caused Chase to freeze slightly.

“You found me.” Was all Jack said and Chase pulled the boy to his feet, straight into his arms.

“Thank the pits of hell.” Jack laughed, wrapping his arms around Chase’s neck.

“I thought you hated me, but I wasn’t sure because you were so nice to me- and not because you were Xiaolin at the time!” Chase smirked and pulled away.

“I never did, I couldn’t. But you gave away such precious information back then, when I found you, I knew I had to wait little while longer.”

We... don’t exactly get on in the future.

It might of been because I was thirteen when we first met. I acted like a star-struck idiot!

Thank you for helping me with my inner demons.

Jack sniffed and crushed Chase into a hug to which caused the warlord to chuckle.

“My little demon. You are now mine.”
Chack Prompts Part 22

I'm back! Sorry guys, ugh, after everything that has happened in the year hiatus I have had, it's been stupid. But as I promised in my journal - HERE YA GO! :D

Marble: D’awww its soo cute isn’t it?

Dragon: I originally had an idea about Jack just going goo-goo eyed over Chase’s dragon form but I felt like I was copying :iconmoonheart1313: in one of her DahM chapter’s so I decided to add my little twist to it. Apologies for any upset I have cause for this particular prompt. I know that suicide is a delicate subject and I don’t wish to upset or offend anyone J

Demon: This is rather shameful of me... But my brain ran with it. Before anyone gets angry with me, please let me say that I am respectful of :iconcrystallicsky:’s story ‘The thing about Bad Pennies’ and I adore her works.... but I wanted to do a version!!! Hahaha, can you blame me? Its such an interesting concept I had to try it! CS if you are reading this, I hope you aren’t mad, I love your works and you are an amazing writer!

Now that’s out of the way, I loved the idea of Jack going into the past and helping Chase and then Chase finding him again and just....*sigh* Its sooo fluffy!


Chase, Jack, Dashi, Guan the monks (and anyone I've missed lol) (c) Xiaolin Showdown (c) Christy Hui
Story (c) Me

Okay so finally after MONTHS of waiting, my laptop is back and with word I am BACK!

This Sunday I will make a start on some chapters for Prompts and try to get back into the storyline for Forget-Me-Not :sweatdrop: revamp v2 

Oh man... It's been too long since I wrote anything properly.

I've been writing here and there but not enough to make it worth making a prompt out of.

Hopefully, you, my lovely watchers have been SOOOOOO patient with me!!

I haven't forgotten my stories!!! I promise!!! :D Now that my laptop is fixed and that my job is a little less stressful (with promotion to Office Manager Divaplz  hahaha) I can now concentrate on my number one true love... MY IMAGINATION!

So, I will try and get started on a chapter (Prompts) for now and see where it takes me!

Thanks for being sooooo patient!!!! 

Love ya!
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My laptop is finally fixed but no word at the moment. Well what im hoping to do is save up some money to buy the microsoft word package *crying and sobbing* sooo muuuuch moooooneeeeeey... :'(

Well I'm so sorry for the wait guys... I hope all you wonderful watchers are still with me and I thank you for your patience :D

Until I get word, thanks guys!
Hi guys!
Still no luck with any Word.... MEH! I'm determined to get something done! I'm sorry you guys have to wait so long for me... I hope I don't lose any watchers... I really am Sorry guys xxx

Until I get word I can't do anything :(
This is needs an update at least! I'm not dead! I'm alive! I just want to say sorry for not updating my profile or any new devs. I have been writing a little and my fics will be updated. Eventually. Since I have started work back in August last year, it has taken top priority and I am deeply sorry guys. Plus my laptop had a virus so I had to get that fixed. Unfortunately, it had to be reset to factory settings, so I lost everything. FORTUNATELY, I love my Mother who had bought me an external harddrive which saved EVERYTHING. I just need to buy the package for Word and such. I know you'll only tell me off for apologising but I feel it's needed. Thanks for taking your time for reading this and enjoy your day. Hopefully there won't be a long wait for the next upload.

Kit x

Ps: The next update WILL be a Chack Prompt Chapter ;)


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Okay so finally after MONTHS of waiting, my laptop is back and with word I am BACK!

This Sunday I will make a start on some chapters for Prompts and try to get back into the storyline for Forget-Me-Not :sweatdrop: revamp v2 

Oh man... It's been too long since I wrote anything properly.

I've been writing here and there but not enough to make it worth making a prompt out of.

Hopefully, you, my lovely watchers have been SOOOOOO patient with me!!

I haven't forgotten my stories!!! I promise!!! :D Now that my laptop is fixed and that my job is a little less stressful (with promotion to Office Manager Divaplz  hahaha) I can now concentrate on my number one true love... MY IMAGINATION!

So, I will try and get started on a chapter (Prompts) for now and see where it takes me!

Thanks for being sooooo patient!!!! 

Love ya!
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