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This is needs an update at least! I'm not dead! I'm alive! I just want to say sorry for not updating my profile or any new devs. I have been writing a little and my fics will be updated. Eventually. Since I have started work back in August last year, it has taken top priority and I am deeply sorry guys. Plus my laptop had a virus so I had to get that fixed. Unfortunately, it had to be reset to factory settings, so I lost everything. FORTUNATELY, I love my Mother who had bought me an external harddrive which saved EVERYTHING. I just need to buy the package for Word and such. I know you'll only tell me off for apologising but I feel it's needed. Thanks for taking your time for reading this and enjoy your day. Hopefully there won't be a long wait for the next upload.

Kit x

Ps: The next update WILL be a Chack Prompt Chapter ;)
Tribal Rose Mix by Jinchuuriki15
Tribal Rose Mix
So I got this done today.... and it hurt like a bitch! Wow... so happy with it though :D

Black Wolf in Bedford, England are a great tattoo studio and Sharon, the lady who did this masterpiece, was so lovely...

Its currently burning me at the moment hahaha ouchie haha

Tattoo (c) Found on Google Images (if anyone can tell me the artist I will gladly credit them :D)
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(Contains: sexual themes, strong language and ideologically sensitive material)
86. Trust

Chase kissed Katnappe slowly and passionately, as though he wanted to take his time. To burn her into his memory. She moaned at the softness of his lips, parting her lips for the experience organ to slip in. Chase nipped at her swollen bottom lip with his teeth, pulling away playfully then back again. His tongue wrapped playfully with hers, causing her to moan and wrap her arms around his neck.

Chase chuckled as he felt fingers run through his mane and fingernails scratching at his scalp. Katnappe was clearly purring and she hitched her leg up to wrap it around Chase's hip-

"You are one sick bastard, Bean." Came an amused voice from the shadows of the room. The two pulled apart, completely startled by the intrusion. They both looked up to see Jack Spicer leaning against the door frame of Jack's lab. "Of all the places you could have chose, you chose my lab?"

Chase grinned menacingly at the boy.

"Cannot tell the difference, my dear Jack -rabbit?" Chase smirked, but Jack smirked right back.

"I know for a fact that it is you, Bean. Chase would never betray me like that." Chase rose an eyebrow at him, pulling the girl closer to his body. Katnappe grinned and purred at Jack, as if to make him jealous.

"This should be interesting. Don't you think, Kitten?" Chase spoke lowly to Katnappe, although Jack heard it clearly. Katnappe lowered her leg but sauntered her hips in a way that cause Jack to nearly gag at the loose gesture.

"Definitely, Masterrr." She purred as she licked his cheek seductively.

"Well, firstly, Chase gave me his word that he wouldn't.  He is a man of honour. He said to me as long as I trust him, he will trust me. He wouldn't just kick me out on a whim. Especially when he fought hard to keep me from you as well as knowing how much I feel for him." Chase grinned at that and even had the audacity to laugh.

"Funny, Spicer. Funny that you would think like that. So gullible. I have used you and abused you in the past. What is to say that I would not do it again?" Jack was about to retort, but he looked past the couple and grinned.

"Because I would never." A bitter voice spat.

The couple turned to see Chase in his lizard form, seething in anger. Katnappe looked horrified.

"That means-! I kissed-! EWWWW!" She took off without another word using the Golden Tiger Claws; leaving Jack, Bean and Chase in the room alone. Bean growled and instantly changed back to his unsightly self. He spat toward Spicer.

"How did you know?!" Jack smiled and shook his head at the legume. Jack looked past him and looked at his Master in his beastly yet beautiful form.

"Because I trust him." Chase behind the legume grinned smugly. With a triumphant growl and a push, Bean was catapulted into a portal, created by Chase, and transported elsewhere.

Jack grinned and ran into his Master's scaly arms. The Warlord welcomed Jack and held the boy close he changed back to his human form.

"I applaud you, Spicer. But tell me, how did you truly feel?" Jack held onto his Master possessively and uttered darkly to himself.

"I would have murdered her slowly to listen to her screams of agony and fear, then I would move on to you. I wouldn't kill you, but I would strip you of your pride to make sure you realise that once you go against Jack Spicer and you know that he loves you-" Chase cut him off and kissed him passionately. Jack moaned at the sweet sin that was Chase's kisses. They pulled apart and Jack spoke again.

"You better not betray me, Young..." Jack said with a seductive grin, which caused Chase to laugh from the darkness of the humour.

"I can assure you, Spicer, that I shall not." Jack smiled sweetly, knowing that Chase liked it when he was pretending to be innocent, but fell into giggles when the warlord pulled them back into a passionate kiss.

Chase would never admit... but he liked this side of Jack Spicer..

87. Patience

Jack sighed, completely embarrassed and humiliated. He wrapped his body with the bed linen and felt tears run down his cheeks and onto the pillows. How pitiful he must of looked.

Again he couldn't get over the hurdle of losing his virginity. Truthfully, he knew that his lover would never hurt him unintentionally. Jack knew that once it was over, it was over. There was nothing to be frightened about.

But Jack knew that in the back of his mind, that Chase would leave.

They all did.

All because he couldn't put-out.

They all left with some form of excuse.

Sorry, Jack, my parents need to help me move to my new place. I'll call you, yeah?

Sorry, baby, but my parents just don't like you...

Jack, I love you, but we don't have the same interests anymore...

Jack, this isn't going to work...

Chase was amazing, even in the bedroom. The way that those hands, said hands that killed many, ghosted upon his skin so softly and gently that Jack almost forgot his name. The way those sinful lips that left love bites in their wake as the travelled across his body, causing him gasp so loudly. The way that experienced tongue that caused Jack's back to arch deliciously into that powerful body above him.

Jack wanted it. Jack wanted him. Desperately. Wholly. NOW!

But Jack felt ridiculous. Once Chase had hold of his hips and had begun to push his legs apart to ready himself, Jack felt himself shake with fear. The irrational thought of being used for someone else's benefit, then thrown away once they had their way. Or perhaps maybe he was scared he couldn't be the lover Chase had wanted. So he had curled himself into a ball to avoid Chase's heated stare. He was sure Chase would just think: 'What's the point? He won't allow me!'

"Spicer?" Jack heard Chase's gentle voice, which was eerily unlike the warlord. "Please, do not hide from me." Jack felt the sheets being pulled gently away from his body. Jack felt himself panic and clung to the sheets.

"Don't..." Jack felt his voice say, pathetically. Instantly, Chase stopped trying, and Jack felt the bed shift beside him. Jack felt the Warlord move away from the bed, shifting with cloth. Jack knew that Chase was looking for his clothes and to chuck them at him. To tell him to leave. To... get back on to the bed?

Jack felt Chase wrap his arms around the boy gently, pulling him closer. Jack was unsure of what to do.

"Jack, love... talk to me."

Jack felt the tears come full force. Why won't he leave?!

"I can't help you if you will not speak to me.." Why did he sound so sure of himself? Jack hiccupped and buried himself further into the sheets and pillow. Chase sighed with frustration, this was what Jack was waiting for. It was clockwork. Jack would be thrown-


The sheet Jack was covered with had disappeared from him and Chase climbed on top of him. Jack looked wide eyed at the warlord. He was angered, clearly. Wearing nothing but boxers- Wait he was naked a second ago!

"Ch-chase?" Jack was silenced by Chase's lips, in a sweet and gentle kiss that caused Jack to unwind again. Chase pulled back gently and settled himself between Jack's thighs, not quite touching each other.

"Spicer, why are you so afraid of me?" Jack felt his bottom lip tremble and looked away. But was pulled back toward ember eyes. Jack had no choice.

"I'm scared.." Jack squeaked finally, causing Chase to lean down and kiss his temple.

"Spicer, I would never harm you-" Jack sniffed which cut off the Warlord.

"I'm scared you would just... throw me away.." Chase stared at Jack with such a look that screamed that he was offended by that.

"Just like everyone else..." Jack was waiting for the glare to turn into full anger, but it turned into understanding.

"Spicer... If anything? I would want you so much more, I would care for you so much more. And to prove it, I will wait if that is what you wish. We are one, remember?" Chase said with a smile that cause Jack to smile also.


"I am a very patient man, Spicer. I have waited this long for you, I'm sure I can wait a little more." Jack grinned and hugged the amazing man above him. Chase chuckled and kissed Jack's neck softly.

"However, Spicer," Jack pulled back to look Chase in the eye, only to find a mischievous and seductive look. "I do hope we can still... play?"

Jack grinned happily, he was happy to do that!

88. Monologue

The monks were beaten and hardly on their feet as they refused to waver.

"We don't know anything, Chase! We're serious! Bean is dead, yes! But it weren't us! Someone must know something! We know nothing!" Raimundo yelled out towards Chase, hoping the warlord would see to reason of some sorts. But Chase wasn't having it.

"That which does not exist is often considered to be nothing, but for one to define nothing then it must be considered that nothing could have a physical manifestation, be it external or deep within our very souls." Jack sighed with admiration as Chase spoke with wisdom yet again, towards the monks. But he was clearly very angry.

"People often express their fear of nothingness, but how can one express such a phobia if one has not experienced it?" He circled them, throwing out questions as if to confuse them. It seemed to work as they were confused.

"What if nothing is truly something quite beautiful and humans are afraid to discover what they do not understand?" Jack grinned from the shadows as he watched Chase grin with malice and knowledge.

"Some say that even trying to think of such a void in reality would surely torture the minds of men, but perhaps it would not were we to open our minds beyond the boundaries of science." He turned towards Jack to where he was hiding. He knew Jack was there, but he had made it look like it was a casual glance. Jack almost thought he was in trouble but Chase threw the idea out as Jack was not his problem.

"A strange concept created by man, an attempt to create laws, a unifying paradigm to live by. To open our minds fully we must see these laws not as laws but rather as mere guidelines for peace of mind. Reality is a concept itself, and truly one of the biggest ideas to date." Jack almost creamed his pants in ecstasy. This man and his words... his words!

"But that is how it shall stay, an idea, a concept that can be broken." Chase grinned as the monks were slowly moving themselves backwards towards the edge of the cliff that was behind them. Jack crossed his fingers. The monks were too weak to stop themselves from falling.

Oh God please!

"Reality is the conjectured state of things as they actually exist, rather than as they may appear or might be imagined." Chase took one step forward and the monks took one more step back, clearly a hair length away.

"But, such information means nothing to you, doesn't it?" Chase spat as the grin was now a snarling set of jaws. Jack was almost singing where he was at the most evilest sight before him.

Then Chase leaped at them, growling loudly. Then with a roar they toppled over the edge like bowling pins.

One by one.

Jack could hardly keep his excitement in and rushed to the beastly Warlord.

"THAT WAS AMAZING! Oh my gosh, the way you spoke about- oh wow you were- and then they just fell- just..." Chasse raised an eyebrow and growled at the boy. Jack grinned playfully.

"No, I didn't kill Bean either... but I do know who did." Chase paused and then changed back to himself.

"I'm listening, Spicer.." Jack smirked.

"On one condition, Chase." Chase came quite close to Jack, their noses almost touching.

"Don't test me, Spicer..." Jack grinned seductively.

"Take me. Right here, right now." Chase's eyes widened but then settled into what Jack would call a smoulder.

"Then anything I need to know would be mine?" Jack bit his lower lip in anticipation which Chase caught on immediately.

"I see. Well, then..." Chase whispered as his lips descended down onto Jack's awaiting and eager ones.
Chack Prompts Part 21
Trust: Yay! Go Chase and Jack! Trust is the key in a relationship :D
Patience: Erm... I'll say no comment in this one.
Monologue: We all love it when our beloved Warlord monologues don't we? :D :giggle:

Previous: Chack Prompts Part 20

Xiaolin Showdown (c) Christy Hui
Story (c) Me
Don't panic I will still write Chack so there no need to worry about that..

I am starting to write a new fanfic with a new pairing.. SidxAndy from Toy Story. I just wanna see if you guys would want to see that and if so would you like to see more of it?

It's still new to me, but I am just merely trying something new out and hopefully you guys will like it too :)

Let me know what you think to that?

I will coerce (nicely XD) with :iconmoonheart1313: to help me with my Chack prompts... I have words but I'm drawing a blank with some of them XD :surprise-kiss:  love ya Moony! XD

Chow chicas!

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For the rest of the night, Jack ended up staying in a guest bedroom in the citadel that Chase had offered. Jack had gotten another phone call from Kimiko to state they were heading back to the temple for the night. They managed to track down Wuya and Bean back to Jack's mansion. Knowing Jack would be with Chase they were probably trying to make it look like that it was Jack's fault.

Chase made sure Denahi was nearby so that the panther could forever remind Chase of his word to Jack. Chase made it clear that it obviously was not Jack's fault, and that Jack should not worry. But of course, naturally, Jack did.

Upon climbing into bed, a tired Jack collapsed on to the sheets, not bothering to undress. But just face planted into his pillow.

Jack rolled over onto his back when he couldn't breathe, then stared at the ceiling. He knew it wasn't Chase's fault that Jack's 'kindness' had perhaps swayed a very vulnerable and impressionable warlord. But Jack never wanted that to happen. But soon Chase would be back to normal and Jack could talk to him about what may or may not happen.

Knowing he wasn't going to get any sleep, Jack rolled onto his side and messaged a bot through his phone. To keep an eye on his unwelcomed guests and to notify him of any changes.

The bot received the private message but Jack didn't receive a reply. Either his bots were destroyed or they were put to sleep. Luckily, Jack reckoned it was because the bots had no time to be discreet enough to write a reply. Fortunately, that seemed to be the case as his phoned beeped twenty minutes later, telling him that Wuya and Bean had somehow raided the refrigerator and had fallen asleep in his living room. They hadn't gotten into his lab. Sneakily, a bot had managed to confiscate the Star Hanabi from Wuya's dress. But they had no luck in removing Bean's tentacles from the one Wu they desperately needed, without disturbing either of them.

Jack messaged the bot to send itself to Chase's citadel and drop off the wu to one of Chase's cats.

Jack smiled to himself proudly.

One step closer.


Jack awoke to something nudging his hand gently, and moved his head to see that it was Denahi with the Star Hanabi in his mouth, along with the Tongue of Saiping. Curious, Jack sat up and took the wu and activated it. Jack was then finally able to communicate with the panther.

"Jack, Master is happy that you have managed to require the Star Hanabi. He was wondering if you may join him for breakfast?" Jack gave an extremely intelligent answer back.

"Er..sure?" The panther chuckled and waited for Jack to move then freshen himself up.

Once the genius was sorted, Jack followed the feline to the dining room. Jack gasped as the sheer grandness of it. The chandelier was fucking awesome! It was crafted out of the volcano surrounding Chase's citadel and was lit up with a flame that changed from blue to green every so often. Which was really cool and totally evil.

Jack wanted one.

"I had the same reaction when I first walked in." Jack's head whipped around to see Chase sat and very large table, enjoying a feast fit for a King. Jack looked at the food and almost drooled. It looked yummy...

Jack then looked at Chase's attire and openly laughed at the rather unkempt black-green locks. Chase grinned brazenly, not at all offended, knowing exactly what was funny.

"Bad hair day. I refuse to allow anyone near my hair. I suppose it's a ridiculous fault of mine." Jack snickered and he took in the rest of Chase. Chase wasn't dressed in his armour but rather a bathrobe made of green velvet. Jack looked away when his eyes caught sight of Chase's pectorals poking through the gap at the front. If Chase noticed, he never said anything.

Jack took a seat at the table trying to ignore the blush creeping to his cheeks. Chase seemed to notice his discomfort and changed the subject.

"Imagine my surprise when a cat wakes me up and I hear a voice in my head saying that you had sent a... Jack-bot?... to my home and acquired the Star Hanabi from Wuya's dress." Jack laughed at that, happy that he could now concentrate on something normal.

"I bet you were!" Jack grinned widely. He was hungry and helped himself to the food on the table in front of him.

"Jack? About yesterday..." Jack sighed knowing it was bound to be spoken about and shook his head at the warlord, to let him know it was okay. He had his mouth was full from toast.

"No please, let me." Jack melted at the tone and allowed the warlord to speak.

"You were right, not only what I was doing was foolish and fast, but I am also not myself. You were right to push me away and to not take advantage of the situation. I apologise for my behaviour." Jack eyes widened at the apology.


"Also, I have told Denahi that you and I will shall discuss us when I have regained my memory. You deserve that much." Jack swallowed and felt touched, as much as this Chase was in the mindset of a Xiaolin Monk, he still held his pride and honour of his former self. But Jack had a feeling Chase would regret that.

Jack smiled at himself, he knew he couldn't trust what Chase had said, man of his word or not. Chase was extremely  vulnerable, Jack had to be the better person (regardless of how that made him feel as he was Heylin) and protect Chase from any foolish mistakes that could cost him deal.

"Thanks, Chase." Jack could only say that as he couldn't say anything else, given the situation.

"Bon appetite, Jack." Chase said with a smile, once the warlord felt like he was understood.

They sat in silence and ate together peacefully, the occasional conversation about wu and showdowns. Once full and when he couldn't  eat another bite, Jack pulled out his phone and dialled Kimiko's number.

"Hey, Jack, what's new?" Jack smiled despite himself but quickly got back on track.

"Kimiko, listen. Wuya and Bean are still at mine, but I have the Star Hanabi. My bots managed to swipe that one. But they couldn't get the one wu we need! It's up to you guys now, but baring in mind, be careful. We don't know what they are planning and Chase may have to fight." Kimiko huffed down the phone as if she was offended by that.

"Please we have the Wu Wangwo Hua!" Jack froze in shock in his seat.

"Just like that?" Jack grew suspicious. That never happens... Never...

"Sure Jack! Come to the temple, we'll give it to you and bring the reversing mirror with you!" Kimiko's giggle rang through the device. Jack's eyes widened  at the tone.

Firstly, Kimiko was certainly girly... but not THAT girly. She was quite the tomboy. Secondly, why would they ask Jack to leave Chase at the citadel, when it would be better for them to come to the citadel on Dojo. Jack grew angry rather quickly.

This wasn't Kimiko he was speaking to. He knew this straight away. He knew it! The giveaway was asking for the Reversing Mirror. The monks already had it.

It could only mean one thing.

"What have you done with the Monks, Bean?" There was silence until Kimiko's voice giggled down the receiver, a pure evil laughter echoed into Jack's ear.

"How did you guess?" Jack glared at his empty plate, his voice echoing his anger.

"Because you slipped up.." Jack hung up abruptly, fuming mad. Chase was also glaring at his plate, clearly overhearing the conversation.

"Bean has the monks?" Jack nodded stiffly, his jaw clenched.

"I see. Then we leave the Star Hanabi here, leave it with the cats. We will then go and see what we can do to help." Jack shook his head.

"That's what he wants us to do, we have to be careful." Chase looked away in thought.

"I have a plan..."

Jack looked at Chase, trusting him fully. He wondered what the warlord was thinking.

"Okay...?" Chase grinned darkly causing Jack to smile at the familiar sight.

"This is what we do..."
Forget-Me-Not Chapter 8
Ah, Crap!

Previous: Forget-Me-Not Chapter 7

Xiaolin Showdown (c) Christy Hui
Story (c) Me


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Equality for all :D

Hey peeps, the name's Emily! But please, call me Kitsune or Kit.

My favourite animal is a fox :giggle:

I'm very friendly and easy to get on with! I like meeting new people and I like talking to anyone. :)

I love Xiaolin Showdown, Naruto, Powerpuff Girls (Rowdyruffs Mainly :D) and a lot of other stuff :D

I love to draw... And I love to write :D

My speciality is writing Chack fics. (Chase and Jack from Xiaolin Showdown) Yes, that's right! It's yaoi!

:iconanikiotaku: = My little Gecko XD (Grasshopper) - Dunno why you deleted your account but we love you and miss you. I hope you are okay x
:iconmoonheart1313: = My partner in crime! My DA bestfriend! The apple of my eye! My DA Wife! She is a beautiful, fantastic, talented writer and she is A-MAH-ZING! She also wins at petty fights XD GO SEE HER WORKS! NAOW! She is one bad FOTHERMUCKER!

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Current Residence: In a House
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Operating System: Windows 8 (So prefer XP or 7)
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Favourite cartoon character: Jack Spicer! :D Evil Boy Genius!
Favourite Quote: "MAKE WAY, FOTHERMUCKERS! INSANITY HAS ENTERED THE BUILDING!" "Ignore Homophobes...They're Gay...." XD
Don't panic I will still write Chack so there no need to worry about that..

I am starting to write a new fanfic with a new pairing.. SidxAndy from Toy Story. I just wanna see if you guys would want to see that and if so would you like to see more of it?

It's still new to me, but I am just merely trying something new out and hopefully you guys will like it too :)

Let me know what you think to that?

I will coerce (nicely XD) with :iconmoonheart1313: to help me with my Chack prompts... I have words but I'm drawing a blank with some of them XD :surprise-kiss:  love ya Moony! XD

Chow chicas!

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